All You Need to Know About Instant Credit Line.

Credit Line Loan vs Personal Loan

Types of Credit Line and Loans

a)Business Line of Credit

It is one of the most common types of credit line loans. Instead of getting a fixed loan, businesses use a credit line to borrow money as working capital. Businesses avail of credit line loans to meet various expenses like wage payments, inventory, working capital requirements, and more. A business credit line can be an unsecured or secured line of credit. The financial institution lending a credit line Loan assesses the company's market value, profitability, and level of risk before issuing the money.

b) Personal Lines of Credit

This kind of credit line loan allows people to borrow money to meet urgent expenses, pay back the amount, and borrow again in case of emergencies. Availability of a personal line of credit requires the borrower to have a good credit history, a credit score of at least 700, and a steady income. Personal lines of credit in India can be used for paying credit card debts, shopping, instant medical emergencies, or making down payments on vehicles.

Features of Instant Credit Line

Benefits of Using a Credit Line Loan

Here are some compelling benefits of using an emergency credit line and loan:

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How to Get a Credit Line Loan at Privo?

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Repayment of an Instant Line of Credit at Privo

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